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The Verti-Knife 1800 is a multi-functional tool that uses four sets of cutting discs on a rotating cartridge at variable spacing and depths. It is the ultimate root zone management tool for all surfaces and can work at depths from 0-6" at high working speeds. The Verti-Knife has 5 basic functions and positions. Simple and quick adjustments fine-tune the Verti-Knife for the right function and working depth.

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Verti-Knife 1800

Working width 59” (1.5 m)
Working depth 0” - 6” (0 mm - 154 mm)


1,450 lbs (657.7 kg)

Tractor required

35 hp (26 kW), min lift cap - 1,850 lbs (839.1 kg)

Tractor speed

Ground driven to 8+ mph (12.8+ km/h)

Knife thickness

3/16” (4.7 mm)

Knife spacing

(position 1) 18 discs, 4” (101.6 mm) spacing (mini discs x 1)
(position 2) 35 discs, 2” (50.8 mm) spacing (mini discs x 2)

(position 3) 6 discs, 12” (304.8 mm) spacing (R6-standard discs)
(position 4) 17 discs, 4” (101.6 mm) spacing (R17-fairway discs)
(position 5) Convenient movement in storage

3-point connection

Cat 1 and 2

Standard Items

Rear roller, Easily adjustable depth control with side
mounted single lever adjustment, Multiple disc cassette

Fewer moving parts

Low maintenance

Single lever adjustments Ease of operation, adjust in the field without tools
Unlimited working speed High productivity
Variable depth & spacing Use 1 machine for all turf applications
Continuous slitting Destroy thatch & black layer while improving drainage
4 blade settings Can be used on fairways, greens,tees,and/or sportsturf
Cleaner operation Little or no surface disruption, doesn't stop play
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The Verti-Knife utilizes 4 sets of circular blades on a locking, rotating carousel allowing a variety of depth and spacing.

Part # Description Depth Total OD Qty.

I007981 #

R6 Disc Blade

6 18 5/32 6
I005138R # R17/4 Disc Blade 1-5/8 8 5/32 17

I005137R #

R18/3 Disc Blade

1-5/8 8 1/8 18
I005137R R17/3 Disc Blade 1-5/8 8 1/8 17
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