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Multi-Spike 1200

The Multi Spike, with optional 4 types of knives + spoon tines, improve the soil drainage. The rear roller assures a safe operation, and its adjustment sets the working depth accurately.

For general aeration, the standard 1/8" (3mm) thick triangular knife will give you 8" (200mm) deep slits at a close 6" (150mm) spacing, while the fine slitting drum will give you 4" (100mm) deep slits at an extra close 3" (75mm) spacing. For maximum penetration, even in hard ground, we recommend the optional hydraulic weight system. Optional Weight Transfer kit and bogey kit.

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Multi-Spike 1200

Working width 56” (1,350 mm)
Working depth Up to 10” (250 mm)


880 lbs (400 Kg)

Hole spacing side-to-side

3” (75 mm), with fine slit knives
6” (150 mm), with all other knives/tines

Hole spacing in drive direction,
at maximum depth center-to center

With 3 knives per disk:  18” (440 mm)
With 4 knives per disk:  13” (330 mm)
With 6 knives per disk:  9” (220 mm)
With 12 knives per disk: 4 1⁄2” (110 mm)

Recommended minimum tractor size

18 HP with lift capacity of minimum 1,100 lbs
(500 Kg)
, or 12HP for towed version

At 3.1mph (5 km/hour)
At 6.2mph (10km/hour)
At 9.4 mph (15km/hour)

72,656 sq ft (6,750 sq m)/hour
145,313 sq ft (13,500 sq m)/hour
217,969 sq ft (20,250sq m)/hour

Shipping dimensions

 59” x 22” x 66”
(1,480 mm x 550 mm x 1,640 mm)  L x W x H

Three point linkage

3- point  CAT 1 & 2

Lubrication grease

EP 2

Standard items

Rear roller assembly
Support jack

Optional: truckster knife, twist knife, deep knife, fine slit knife, coring spoon, Weight Transfer kit, Bogey kit
Rear roller

Smooth and clean finish

Weight transfer options Hydraulic system or static weights guarantee full penentration.
2 optional prime movers Tractors or trucksters.
Solid construction For a long active life
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Multi-Spike 1200
The MS-1200 has a single rotor with 9 disks, max. depth 10".

Part # Description Depth Total ID OD Wall Core Shank Qty.


Deep Slitting Knife

10 12 na na na na na 36
311.303.290 Truckster Knife 9 11.5 na na na na na 36
311.302.160 Fine Slitting Knife 4 6 na na na na na 192
311.305.302 Twist Knife 9 11.5 na na na na na 36
Coring Tine
311.228.250 Hollow Coring Tine 6 8.5 .906 1.06 .109 3/4 na 54
Part # Description Notes Qty.

Truckster Knife Kit

Includes 36 knives and hardware 1
213.120.006 Additional Truckster Knife Kit Increases blades per disk, includes 18 knives and hardware 1
213.120.008 Fine Slitting Knife Kit 192 fine slitting knives and hardware 1


Deep Slitting Knife Kit

Includes 36 deep slitting knives and hardware 1
213.120.012 Additional Deep Slitting Knife Kit Increases blades per disk, includes 18 knives and hardware 1
213.120.014 Hollow Coring Tine Kit Includes 54 hollow tines and hardware 1
213.120.018 Twist Blade Kit Includes 36 twist heave aeration knives and hardware 1


Wheel Kit

Convert to towed unit with bogy wheels 1
213.220.016 Weight Transfer Kit Applies tractor weight to spiker 1
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