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Besides the obvious mowing, spraying and top dressing, there are other less obvious jobs which havw to be done such as cleaning and maintenance.

Leaves have to be picked up and removed from the fairways just to enable play to continue. Perhaps the best way of dealing with them is to use a machine with scarifier or flail blades set just 18 mm (3/4”) above the ground. This lifts them from the turf surface and then blows them into the hopper.

Cleaning & General Maintenance / TurfTidy (vacuum) [ watch working principle ]

TurfTidy 1310 / 1710

The Turf Tidy is one of our most versatile machines incorporating de-thatchin...

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TurfTidy 3000

The Turf Tidy 3000 is ideally designed for use with a tractor of 30hp or more, d...

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Verti-Cut 1200

The Verti-Cut 1200 employs specially designed Verti-Cut blades which encourage...

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Cleaning & General Maintenance / Pedestrian Scarification  [ watch working principle ]

Pedestrian Scarifier S510

The Redexim Pedestrian Scarifier is the ultimate professional’s machine for th...

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