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Overseeding can renovate a worn or damaged area, increase turf grass density, or alter the species composition of a sward. Selection of seed is the first consideration. The provision of favorable germination and esteblishment conditions is fundamental to the success of any overseeding operation. You will find that temperatures above 54°F (12°C), a moist, well-aerated seedbed, close seed/soil contact, and reduced shade from esisting grasses are primary requirements for rapid development.

Soil aeration and thatch control must form part of a routine maintenance program so that optimum conditions are provided. Optimum contact with sail is important in order to enhance conditions for maximum germination. A moist seedbed is paramount and, if needed, irrigation must be light and frequent.

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Speed-Seed 2100 / 2400

The new Speed-Seed models 2100 and 2400 are ideal to over-seed large areas qui...

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Overseeder 1575 / 2075

The OverSeeder has been completely redesigned, making it the fastest, most versa...

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Speed-Seed 1200 / 1600

The Speedseed is ideal for sportsgrounds and golfcourses where economy and ran...

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Speed-Seed WB

The Speed-Seed WB is the ideal machine to carry out all your overseeding works o...

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Verti-Seed 004.804/004.1204

The Verti-Seed's unique action first opens the turf using special oval shaped di...

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