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Redesim is respected world wide for their knowledge of natural turf maintenance particularly with regard to aerating using the Verti-Drain. After many years of development Redexim has produced a complete range of machines for the maintenance of Artificial Turf, called the Verti-Art range. Many people believe that once installed artificial turf will «look after itself». This is far from the reality. Just like natural turf needs regular mowing and aerating to maintain healthy growth and appearance, so artificial turf whether granulate filled or fully synthetic require cleaning and levelling of the granulate which can accumulate in some areas while leaving others without.

Artifical Turf Maintenance / Brushing / Levelling [ watch working principle ]


The Verti-Brush quickly and effectively levels and distributes applied or existi...

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Verti-Broom 1800 / 2400

For brushing and striping of artificial turf, nothing beats the proven Verti-Bro...

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A common misconception is that synthetic turf requires little maintenance, but r...

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Artifical Turf Maintenance / Cleaning [ watch working principle ]

Verti-Top 1500+Vac

Regular maintenance of artificial turf is necessary to keep playing surfaces cle...

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Verti-clean 1500

The Verti-Clean picks up surface debris with a rotating brush, which throws it o...

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Verti-air 120 / 160

A common problem with artificial turf is debris and bacteria buildup deep down w...

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X-treme clean 1200 / 1800

The X-Treme Clean maintains synthetic turf systems that use sand or an infill mi...

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Artifical Turf Maintenance / Decompactation [ watch working principle ]


To brush, loosen and decompact the hardest infill, the Verti-Groom is equipped w...

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Verti-Rake Pro 200 / etc600H

The Verti-Rake decompacts synthetic turf surfaces using thin spring-loaded flexi...

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Artifical Turf Maintenance / Infill [ watch working principle ]

Infill Pro

The selfpropelled Infill-Pro is ideal to fill synthetic turf accurately with sa...

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Artifical Turf Maintenance / Infill Removing [ watch working principle ]


The Eliminator removes the infill material from synthetic turf playing surfaces ...

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Artifical Turf Maintenance / Regeneration [ watch working principle ]

Stone Burier

The StoneBurier is the ideal machine to prepare a smooth seed bed in any type ...

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Artifical Turf Maintenance / Spraying [ watch working principle ]


The Redexim Trailed Sprayer is an excellent tool for any turf spray application....

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